Old House Resort & Spa Hotel is the first five-star hotel in Rostov-on-Don and the Rostov region.

The individuality of each guest represent the subtle approach of the hotel, allowing you to feel its exclusivity, and the sophistication of the interiors and uniqueness of architectural solutions will provide you a real aesthetic pleasure. The philosophy of the Old House Resort & Spa is revealed in the daily luxury of every moment of the time you spend in this unique place.

The rooms atHotel Old House Resort & Spa

The Boutique Hotel Old House Resort & Spa has 24 comfortable rooms and suites to suit a discerning clientele. Featuring a pleasant blend of natural materials and elegance, the decor and furnishings create an inviting ambience fostering relaxation and a sense of well-being.

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We provide our guest with the following services: pool and spa in Mediterranean style

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